Polemarch’s Corner

Eric Stout

Eric Stout, Polemarch

The Louisville Alumni chapter is continuing to make a difference in its ninety-nine years since its chartering in 1920. We continue to follow the vision of our founders. They were visionaries who were commitment to serving the public’s interest while training for leadership. Our Chapter’s focus is to continue building upon our legacy of Achievement.

The vision of the Louisville Alumni Chapter is to be the most distinguished social organization for men by enhancing the community through volunteer services, financial resources and our foundation’s programs.

Our mission is to enrich our communities, families, undergraduates and alumni members through commitment, integrity, involvement, spirituality and honorable achievement.

Please visit our social media sites to find out about our upcoming meetings, events and guide right programs. Brothers looking for a new chapter or want to come home to Kappa, feel free to contact the Louisville Alumni Chapter.

Thank you for your time regarding this information and for your commitment to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.

Louisville (KY) Alumni Chapter Polemarch
Eric Stout