Chapter Officers

Past Chapter Polemarchs
Eric Stout 2016-2020
Noah Lucas 2014-2016
E. Maquel Marshall 2012-2014
Samuel Bell 2010-2012
Donald Woolridge Sr. 2008-2010
Adonis Henderson 2006-2009
Leotis Turner 2004-2006
Gerard Farris 2002-2004

Brothers in Grand Chapter Leadership
MVAC Representatives
E. Andre Douglas Sr.
E. Maquel Marshall
Noah Lucas
Whitney Allen
James Hurt Sr.

Brothers in Province Leadership
Sr. Province Vice Polemarch/ Province Expansion Committee
Donald Woolridge Sr.

Director of Leadership Development
Samuel Bell

Province Meeting Planner/ Time & Place Committee
Andre Douglas

Director of Communication & Technology
Jarvaun Lindsay

Kappa Foundation Coordinator
Prentice Jerry Siegel

Nominating Committee Chairman
Noah Lucas

Past Province Polemarchs from LAC
Harvey C. Russell Sr., 1st Province Polemarch 1934-1936
Rufus S. Stout, 3rd Province Polemarch 1937-1944
Louis N. Willis, 16th Province Polemarch 1978-1986
P. Jerry Siegel, 21st Province Polemarch 2002-2007